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Tips on Buying a Home

If you're thinking about buying a home, you'll want to carefully choose the real estate professional you work with during the process.

You should commit yourself to working with one sales associate who can learn your likes and dislikes in homes to make your home-buying process easier. Choose a professional who specializes in residential real estate and who has specific knowledge of the local real estate and mortgage markets.

The person you choose should listen to you and be interested enough in you to find out about your housing needs and preferences. Service first should be the motto of the professional you choose with services going above and beyond what you expect and need. Doing some preliminary planning before you begin your home search will make the entire process more manageable and less overwhelming. As part of your initial game plan, you should:

Check your credit rating

Even if you're sure you have excellent credit, it's wise to double-check at the outset. Straightening out any errors or disputed items now will avoid troublesome holdups down the road when you're waiting for mortgage approval.

You may see disputed items, in addition to errors caused by a faulty social security number, a name similar to yours, or a court ordered judgment paid off that hasn't been cleared from the public records. If such items appear, write a letter to the appropriate credit bureau. Credit bureaus are required to help you straighten things out in a reasonable time (usually 30 days).

  • TIP: Make sure that any outdated derogatory entries are deleted from your credit file. Adverse credit information is not supposed to be reported or included on your credit report after seven years (except bankruptcy information, which can be reported up to 10 years).
  • TIP: Officially cancel inactive credit cards. If you have an inactive credit card with a $5,000 limit, even though you owe nothing on it, some mortgage lenders will consider that a potential future debt. Too many inactive credit cards with significant credit limits could keep you from obtaining a mortgage loan. Don't just cut up your extra cards; officially cancel them, and do it now so there will be time for the news to reach the credit bureaus.
  • TIP: Hold off on making any major credit card or car purchases while you're waiting to apply for a mortgage. Monthly payments you're obligated to pay will be counted against you, and reduce the amount of the mortgage loan you'll be offered. Even if you've been pre-approved for a mortgage, that approval is subject to last-minute evaluation of your financial situation, and a spending spree for appliances, furniture and other goodies intended for your new home may wreck your chances for buying it.

Pre-qualification and pre-approval on a mortgage

A real estate professional can help "pre-qualify" you for a mortgage before you start house-hunting. This process includes analyzing your income, assets and present debt to estimate what you may be able to afford on a house purchase. Mortgage brokers, or a lender's own mortgage counselors can also calculate the same sort of informal estimate for you.

Obtaining mortgage "pre-approval" is another thing entirely. It means that you have in hand a lender's written commitment to put together a loan for you (subject only to the particular house you want to buy passing the lender's appraisal).

Pre-approval makes you a strong buyer, welcomed by sellers. With most other purchasers, sellers must tie the house up on a contract while waiting to see if the would-be buyer can really obtain financing.

The down side is that you may pay application fees to cover the lender's paperwork in verifying your employment, income, assets, debts and credit rating. If you later decide not to use that particular lender, you'd have to start all over again elsewhere - with no rebate.

Pre-approval will also speed up the entire mortgage procedure once you've found the house you want. The only remaining question will be whether the house will "appraise" for enough to warrant the loan.

Become an educated buyer:

  • The web is one of the best ways to search for homes today. With this website, you can receive daily emails with new and updated listings from the towns and price range of your choice.
  • Search the entire MLS for all homes, condos, land, multi family, commercial properties, and past solds at your convenience.
  • View full listing sheets showing amenities, taxes, lot sizes, beds, baths, rooms, siding, fireplaces, garages, room sizes and much more.
  • Get property address and see where the properties are located on MapQuest.
  • Check schools and community profiles of your preferred towns.
  • Save preferred listings in your own file to view anytime.
  • Calculate approximate mortgage payments for specific properties.

Home Inspection


Once you have made an offer on a home, you will need to schedule a home inspection, conducted by an independent authorized inspector. It is extremely important to hire a reputable inspector so that you know exactly what you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask friends, family, and co-workers for advice. If you are satisfied with the results of the inspection, then you can proceed to the Purchase and Sales agreement. If the inspector finds problems with the property, you may want to negotiate with the seller to lower the price, or to pay for certain repairs.


Your lender may require you to get an appraisal of the house you want to buy, to make sure it is worth the money that you are borrowing. You may select your own appraiser, or you may ask your real estate broker to help you with this task.

Homeowner's Insurance

Lenders require that you have homeowners insurance, to protect both your interests and theirs. Like everything else, be sure to shop around for insurance that fits your needs.

Settlement or Closing

Finally, you are ready for the closing. Be sure to read everything before you sign! You should have both your real estate broker and an attorney present at the closing to ensure that all is in order.

Finally make sure before you buy

Making sure you end up with the right home involves figuring out exactly what features you need, want and don't want in a home. Before starting your search, you should make a "wish list" to decide which features are absolutely essential, which are nice "extras" if you happen to find them, and which are completely undesirable.

The more specific you can be about what you're looking for from the outset, the more effective your home search will be. Also keep in mind, that in the end, every home purchase is a compromise.

Create your own personalized "wish list" and when you're finished filling it out, share it with your real estate agent.


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Milford-Rocky Hill , Milford-South Milford , Millbury, Millbury-Millbury Junction , Millbury-Old Common , Millbury-Park Hill , Millbury-West Millbury , Millis, Millis-Clicquot , Millis-Rockville , Millville, Milton, Milton-Blue Hills , Milton-East Milton , Milton-Milton Center , Milton-Milton Hill , Monroe, Monroe-Monroe Bridge, Monson, Monson-North Monson , Monson-South Monson , Monson-State Line , Montague, Montague-Lake Pleasant, Montague-Millers Falls , Montague-Montague Center, Montague-Montague City, Montague-Turners Falls, Monterey, Montgomery, Mount Washington, Nahant, Nahant-Bass Point , Nahant-Little Nahant , Nantucket, Nantucket-Brant Point, Nantucket-Cisco, Nantucket-Coatue, Nantucket-Eel Point, Nantucket-Great Point, Nantucket-Low Beach, Nantucket-Madaket, Nantucket-Monomoy, Nantucket-Muskeget Island, Nantucket-Nantucket (vil), Nantucket-Other Areas, Nantucket-Pocomo, Nantucket-Polpis, Nantucket-Poverty Point, Nantucket-Quaise, Nantucket-Quidnet, Nantucket-Sankaty Head, Nantucket-Shawkemo, Nantucket-Shimmo, Nantucket-Siaconsett, Nantucket-Surfside, Nantucket-Tuckernuck Island, Nantucket-Wauwinet, Natick, Natick-East Natick, Natick-Felchville , Natick-Lokerville, Natick-Morseville , Natick-North Natick, Natick-South Natick, Natick-West Natick, Needham, Needham-Birds Hill , Needham-Charles River Village , Needham-Needham Heights , Needham-Needham Junction , New Ashford, New Bedford, New Bedford-Center, New Bedford-Clark's Point , New Bedford-Clifford , New Bedford-Far North, New Bedford-North, New Bedford-Northwest, New Bedford-Rockdale , New Bedford-South, New Bedford-South End , New Bedford-West, New Braintree, New Marlboro, New Marlboro-Clayton , New Marlboro-Hartsville , New Marlboro-Mill River , New Marlboro-Southfield , New Salem, New Salem-Cooleyville , New Salem-Morse Village , New Salem-North New Salem , Newbury, Newbury-Byfield, Newbury-Knights Crossing , Newbury-Old Town , Newbury-Plum Island, Newbury-South Byfield , Newbury-Upper Green , Newburyport, Newburyport-Artichoke , Newburyport-Curzon Mill, Newburyport-Joppa , Newburyport-Plum Island, Newton, Newton-Auburndale, Newton-Chestnut Hill, Newton-Eliot , Newton-Newton Center, Newton-Newton Corner , Newton-Newton Highlands, Newton-Newton Lower Falls, Newton-Newton Upper Falls, Newton-Newtonville, Newton-Nonantum, Newton-Thompsonville , Newton-Waban, Newton-West Newton, Newton-Woodland Station , Norfolk, Norfolk-City Mills , Norfolk-Highland Lake , Norfolk-Pondville , North Adams, North Adams-Blackinton , North Adams-Braytonville , North Adams-Greylock , North Adams-Houghtonville , North Andover, North Andover-Barker, North Andover-College, North Andover-Downtown, North Andover-Marble Ridge Station , North Andover-Old Center, North Attleboro, North Attleboro-Adamsdale , North Attleboro-Attleboro Falls , North Attleboro-Robinsonville , North Brookfield, North Reading, North Reading-Martins Pond , North Reading-West Village , Northampton, Northampton-Florence, Northampton-Laurel Park , Northampton-Leeds, Northampton-Loudville , Northampton-Mount Tom , Northampton-North Farms , Northampton-Pine Grove , Northampton-West Farms , Northborough, Northborough-Chapinville , Northborough-Woodside , Northbridge, Northbridge-Linwood , Northbridge-Northbridge Center , Northbridge-Plummers , Northbridge-Prentice Corner , Northbridge-Riverdale , Northbridge-Whitinsville, Northfield, Northfield-East Northfield , Northfield-Gill Station , Northfield-Mount Hermon , Northfield-Northfield Farms , Northfield-Northfield Mountain , Northfield-West Northfield , Norton, Norton-Barrowsville , Norton-Chartley , Norton-Copper Works , Norton-East Norton , Norton-Winnecunnet , Norwell, Norwell-Accord, Norwell-Assinippi , Norwell-Mount Blue , Norwood, Oak Bluffs, Oak Bluffs-East Chop, Oak Bluffs-Eastville , Oak Bluffs-Harthaven , Oak Bluffs-Lagoon Heights , Oak Bluffs-Majors Cove , Oak Bluffs-Oak Bluffs, Oak Bluffs-Vineyard Highlands , Oak Bluffs-Wesleyan Grove , Oakham, Oakham-Coldbrook Springs , Orange, Orange-Blissville , Orange-Eaglesville , Orange-Lake Mattawa , Orange-North Orange , Orange-West Orange , Orleans, Orleans-Barley Neck , Orleans-East Orleans, Orleans-Namskaket , Orleans-Nauset Beach , Orleans-Orleans (village), Orleans-Rock Harbor , Orleans-South Orleans, Other, Otis, Otis-Algerie , Otis-Cold Spring , Otis-East Otis , Otis-North Otis , Otis-West Otis , Out of Town, Oxford, Oxford-Buffumville , Oxford-Cominsville , Oxford-Hodges Village , Oxford-North Oxford , Oxford-Oxford Heights , Oxford-Texas , Palmer, Palmer-Bondsville, Palmer-Mount Dumplin , Palmer-Thorndike, Palmer-Three Rivers, Paxton, Peabody, Peabody-Needham Corner , Peabody-South Peabody, Peabody-West Peabody, Pelham, Pelham-Packardville , Pelham-West Pelham , Pembroke, Pembroke-Bryantville, Pembroke-East Pembroke , Pembroke-North Pembroke, Pembroke-Schooset , Pepperell, Pepperell-Babbatasset , Pepperell-Burkinshaw , Pepperell-East Pepperell , Pepperell-Hovey Corner , Pepperell-North Pepperell , Peru, Petersham, Petersham-Nichewaug , Phillipston, Phillipston-Goulding Village , Phillipston-Phillipston Corner , Pittsfield, Pittsfield-Arrowhead , Pittsfield-Balance Rock , Pittsfield-Barkerville , Pittsfield-Coltsville , Pittsfield-Stearnsville , Pittsfield-West Pittsfield , Plainfield, Plainfield-Hallockville , Plainville, Plymouth, Plymouth-Billington Sea , Plymouth-Cedar Bushes, Plymouth-Cedarville, Plymouth-Chiltonville, Plymouth-Cordage, Plymouth-Ellisville, Plymouth-Jabez Corner , Plymouth-Little Long Pond , Plymouth-Long Pond, Plymouth-Manomet, Plymouth-Manters Point , Plymouth-Nameloc Heights, Plymouth-North Plymouth, Plymouth-Pinehills, Plymouth-Pondville, Plymouth-Priscilla Beach , Plymouth-Saquish, Plymouth-South Plymouth, Plymouth-South Pond, Plymouth-The Gurnet , Plymouth-Vallersville, Plymouth-West Plymouth, Plymouth-White Horse Beach , Plympton, Plympton-North Plympton , Plympton-Silver Lake , Princeton, Princeton-East Princeton , Princeton-Mount Wachusett , Princeton-West Sterling , Provincetown, Provincetown-Long Point , Provincetown-Mayflower Heights , Provincetown-Provincetown, Provincetown-Wood End , Quincy, Quincy-Adams Shore, Quincy-Atlantic , Quincy-Germantown, Quincy-Houghs Neck, Quincy-Marina Bay, Quincy-Merrymount, Quincy-Montclair, Quincy-Norfolk Downs, Quincy-North Quincy, Quincy-Quincy Center, Quincy-Quincy Neck , Quincy-Quincy Point, Quincy-Rock Island , Quincy-South Quincy, Quincy-Squantum, Quincy-West Quincy, Quincy-Wollaston, Quincy-Wollaston Heights , Randolph, Randolph-North Randolph, Randolph-South Randolph, Raynham, Raynham-Judson , Raynham-Prattville , Raynham-Raynham Center , Reading, Rehoboth, Rehoboth-Harris , Rehoboth-Long Hill , Rehoboth-North Rehoboth , Rehoboth-Oak Swamp , Rehoboth-Perryville , Rehoboth-South Rehoboth , Revere, Revere-Beachmont, Revere-Crescent Beach , Revere-Franklin Park , Revere-Oak Island , Revere-Point of Pines, Revere-Revere Beach, Richmond, Richmond-Richmond Furnace , Richmond-Stevens Corner , Rochester, Rochester-Bisbee Corner , Rochester-Cowen Corner , Rochester-East Rochester , Rochester-North Rochester , Rockland, Rockland-Beech Hill, Rockland-Hatherly , Rockport, Rockport-Bearskin Neck , Rockport-Folly Cove , Rockport-Lands End , Rockport-Long Beach , Rockport-Ocean View , Rockport-Thatcher's Island , Rowe, Rowe-Hoosac Tunnel , Rowe-Monroe Bridge , Rowley, Rowley-Doles Corner , Rowley-Glen Mills , Rowley-Leightons Corner , Rowley-Rooty Plain , Royalston, Royalston-South Royalston , Royalston-West Royalston , Russell, Russell-Crescent Mills , Russell-Woronoco , Rutland, Rutland-Barrack Hill , Rutland-Muschopauge , Rutland-New Boston , Rutland-North Rutland , Rutland-Pound Hill , Rutland-West Rutland , Rutland-White Hall , Salem, Salem-Bakers Island , Salem-Forest River , Salem-Gallows Hill , Salem-Salem Neck , Salem-Salem Willows , Salem-South Salem , Salem-Winter Island , Salisbury, Salisbury-Cushing , Salisbury-Rings Island, Salisbury-Salisbury Beach, Salisbury-Salisbury Center, Salisbury-Salisbury Plains, Sandisfield, Sandisfield-Montville , Sandisfield-New Boston , Sandisfield-South Sandisfield , Sandisfield-West New Boston , Sandwich, Sandwich-East Sandwich, Sandwich-Farmersville , Sandwich-Forestdale, Sandwich-Plowed Neck , Sandwich-Sagamore Hill , Sandwich-Sandwich (village), Sandwich-South Sandwich, Sandwich-Spectacle Pond , Sandwich-Wakeby , Saugus, Saugus-Cliftondale , Saugus-East Saugus , Saugus-Lynnhurst , Saugus-North Saugus , Saugus-Vinegar Hill , Savoy, Savoy-Brier , Savoy-Savoy Center , Scituate, Scituate-Beechwood , Scituate-Clapps Corner , Scituate-Egypt, Scituate-First Cliff , Scituate-Fourth Cliff , Scituate-Gannett Corner , Scituate-Greenbush, Scituate-Humarock, Scituate-Minot, Scituate-Mungo Corner , Scituate-North Scituate, Scituate-Pincin Hill , Scituate-Rivermoor, Scituate-Sand Hills, Scituate-Scituate Center , Scituate-Scituate Harbor , Scituate-Scituate Neck , Scituate-Scituate Station , Scituate-Second Cliff , Scituate-Sherman Corner , Scituate-The Glades , Scituate-Third Cliff , Scituate-Walnut Tree Hill , Seekonk, Seekonk-Luthers Corner , Seekonk-North Seekonk , Seekonk-Perrins Crossing , Seekonk-South Seekonk , Sharon, Sharon-East Sharon , Sharon-Massapoag Lake , Sharon-Sharon Heights , Sheffield, Sheffield-Ashley Falls , Shelburne, Shelburne-Bardwell , Shelburne-East Shelburne , Shelburne-Shelburne Center, Shelburne-Shelburne Falls, Shelburne-The Patten , Sherborn, Sherborn-South Sherborn , Sherborn-Whitneys , Shirley, Shirley-North Shirley , Shirley-Shaker Village , Shirley-Shirley Center , Shirley-Woodsville , Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury-Edgemere , Shutesbury, Shutesbury-Baconville , Shutesbury-Cooleyville , Shutesbury-Locks Village , Somerset, Somerset-Brayton Point , Somerset-Pottersville , Somerset-South Somerset , Somerville, Somerville-Assembly Square, Somerville-Ball Square, Somerville-Brickbottom-Inner Belt, Somerville-Central Hill, Somerville-Davis Square, Somerville-East Somerville, Somerville-Inman Square, Somerville-Magoun Square, Somerville-Powderhouse, Somerville-Prospect Hill, Somerville-Spring Hill, Somerville-Teele Square, Somerville-Ten Hills, Somerville-Tufts University , Somerville-Union Square, Somerville-West Somerville, Somerville-Winter Hill, South Hadley, South Hadley-Moody Corner , South Hadley-South Hadley Falls , South Hadley-Thermopylae , Southampton, Southampton-Russellville , Southborough, Southborough-Cordaville , Southborough-Fayville , Southborough-Southville , Southbridge, Southbridge-Dresser Hill , Southbridge-Globe Village , Southbridge-Westville , Southwick, Southwick-Congamond , Southwick-Gillett Corner , Southwick-Rising Corner, Spencer, Spencer-Hillsville , Spencer-North Spencer , Spencer-South Spencer , Springfield, Springfield-Atwater Park, Springfield-East Forest Park, Springfield-East Springfield, Springfield-Forest Park, Springfield-Hill McKnight, Springfield-Indian Orchard, Springfield-Liberty Heights, Springfield-N End Brightwood, Springfield-Pine Pt Bstn Rd, Springfield-Sixteen Acres, Springfield-So End Central, Sterling, Sterling-Justice Hill , Sterling-Pratt Junction , Sterling-Redstone Hill , Sterling-Rowley Hill , Sterling-The Quag , Sterling-West Sterling , Stockbridge, Stockbridge-Glendale , Stockbridge-Interlaken , Stockbridge-Larrywaug , Stockbridge-Stockbridge Bowl , Stoneham, Stoneham-Haywardville , Stoneham-Lindenwood , Stoughton, Stoughton-Cobb's Tavern , Stoughton-Dry Pond , Stoughton-North Stoughton , Stoughton-South Stoughton , Stoughton-West Stoughton , Stow, Stow-Gleasondale , Stow-Lake Boon, Stow-Lower Village , Sturbridge, Sturbridge-Fiskdale, Sudbury, Sudbury-North Sudbury , Sudbury-South Sudbury , Sunderland, Sunderland-North Sunderland , Sutton, Sutton-East Sutton , Sutton-Manchaug , Sutton-Potter Hill , Sutton-South Sutton , Sutton-West Sutton , Sutton-Wilkinsonville , Swampscott, Swampscott-Beach Bluff , Swampscott-Olmsted Historic District, Swampscott-Phillips Beach , Swansea, Swansea-Barneyville , Swansea-Gardners Neck , Swansea-Hortonville , Swansea-North Swansea , Swansea-Ocean Grove , Swansea-South Swansea , Swansea-Swansea Center , Swansea-Touisset , Taunton, Taunton-Britanniaville , Taunton-East Taunton , Taunton-Lake Sabbatia, Taunton-North Dighton , Taunton-Wades Corner , Taunton-Weir Village , Taunton-Westville , Taunton-Whittenton , Taunton-Whittenton Junction , Templeton, Templeton-Baldwinville , Templeton-East Templeton , Templeton-Otter River , Templeton-Templeton, Tewksbury, Tewksbury-North Tewksbury , Tewksbury-Pattenville , Tewksbury-South Lowell , Tewksbury-Tewksbury Junction , Tewksbury-Wamesit , Tisbury, Tisbury-Makonikey , Tisbury-Tisbury, Tisbury-Vineyard Haven, Tisbury-West Chop, Tolland, Topsfield, Topsfield-Town Hill , Townsend, Townsend-Barker Hill , Townsend-Bayberry Hill , Townsend-Old City , Townsend-South Row , Townsend-Townsend Harbor , Townsend-West Townsend , Truro, Truro-Beach Point , Truro-Corn Hill , Truro-Higgins Hollow , Truro-North Truro, Truro-Pond Village , Truro-South Truro , Truro-Truro (village), Tyngsborough, Tyringham, Tyringham-Goose Pond , Upton, Upton-West Upton , Uxbridge, Uxbridge-Ironstone , Uxbridge-Linwood , Uxbridge-North Uxbridge , Uxbridge-Wheelockville , Wakefield, Wakefield-Greenwood , Wakefield-Montrose , Wakefield-Wakefield Junction , Wakefield-Wakefield Park , Wales, Walpole, Walpole-East Walpole , Walpole-South Walpole , Walpole-Walpole Heights , Walpole-West Walpole , Waltham, Waltham-Cedarwood , Waltham-Clematis Brook , Waltham-Lakeview , Waltham-Piety Corner , Waltham-Pigeon Hill , Waltham-Prospectville , Waltham-South Waltham , Ware, Ware-Gibbs Crossing , Ware-Ware Center , Ware-West Ware , Wareham, Wareham-Barneys Point , Wareham-Cohasset Narrows , Wareham-East Wareham, Wareham-Fearing Hill , Wareham-Hamilton Beach , Wareham-Locke Bogs , Wareham-Long Neck , Wareham-Oakdale , Wareham-Onset, Wareham-Onset Bay , Wareham-Parkwood Beach , Wareham-Pinehurst Beach , Wareham-Point Independence , Wareham-South Wareham , Wareham-Swifts Beach , Wareham-Tihonet , Wareham-Tremont , Wareham-Wareham (village), Wareham-Wareham Center , Wareham-West Wareham, Warren, Warren-West Warren , Warwick, Warwick-Flower Hill , Washington, Watertown, Watertown-Bemis , Watertown-East Watertown , Watertown-Mount Auburn , Watertown-Waverly , Wayland, Wayland-Cochituate , Wayland-Tower Hill , Webster, Webster-Beacon Park , Webster-East Village , Webster-Merino Village , Webster-North Village , Wellesley, Wellesley-Babson Park , Wellesley-Newton Lower Falls , Wellesley-Overbrook , Wellesley-Wellesley Farms , Wellesley-Wellesley Fells , Wellesley-Wellesley Hills , Wellfleet, Wellfleet-Fresh Brook , Wellfleet-Great Beach Hill , Wellfleet-Griffin Island , Wellfleet-Lieutenant Island , Wellfleet-Pleasant Point , Wellfleet-South Wellfleet, Wellfleet-Wellfleet (village), Wendell, Wendell-Farley , Wendell-Locks Village , Wendell-Stoneville , Wendell-Wendell Depot , Wenham, Wenham-Wenham Neck , West Boylston, West Boylston-Malden Hill , West Boylston-Oakdale , West Bridgewater, West Bridgewater-Cochesett , West Bridgewater-Eastondale , West Bridgewater-Matfield , West Bridgewater-Westdale , West Brookfield, West Newbury, West Springfield, West Springfield-Amostown , West Springfield-Ashleyville , West Springfield-Cayenne , West Springfield-Riverdale , West Springfield-Tatham , West Stockbridge, West Stockbridge-Leet Ore Bed , West Stockbridge-Maple Hill , West Stockbridge-West Stockbridge Center , West Stockbridge-Williamsville , West Tisbury, West Tisbury-Lamberts Cove , West Tisbury-Makonikey , West Tisbury-North Tisbury, West Tisbury-West Tisbury, Westborough, Westborough-Wessonville , Westfield, Westfield-East Farms , Westfield-Little River , Westfield-Mundale , Westfield-West Farms , Westfield-Wyben , Westford, Westford-Brookside , Westford-Carlisle Station , Westford-Forge Village , Westford-Francis Hill , Westford-Graniteville , Westford-Nabnasset , Westford-Parkerville , Westford-Snake Meadow Hill , Westford-Whidden Corner , Westhampton, Westhampton-Loudville , Westminster, Westminster-Bakers Grove , Westminster-Bean Porridge Hill , Westminster-Greenwood Pond , Westminster-Lakewood Park , Westminster-Leino Park , Westminster-Mantyranta , Westminster-Meeting House Pond , Westminster-Prospect Hill , Westminster-Wachusett Lake , Westminster-Whitmanville , Weston, Weston-Hastings , Weston-Silver Hill , Westport, Westport-Acoaxet , Westport-Berryman Corner, Westport-Brownell Corner , Westport-Central Village , Westport-Head of Westport , Westport-Horseneck Beach, Westport-Kirby Corner , Westport-North Westport , Westport-South Westport, Westport-Westport Harbor , Westport-Westport Point, Westwood, Westwood-Islington , Weymouth, Weymouth-Bicknell Square, Weymouth-Columbian Square, Weymouth-East Weymouth, Weymouth-Fort Hill , Weymouth-Great Hill , Weymouth-Jackson Square, Weymouth-Lincoln Heights, Weymouth-Lovell Corners , Weymouth-North Weymouth, Weymouth-Old Spain , Weymouth-Rose Cliff , Weymouth-South Weymouth, Weymouth-Weymouth Heights, Weymouth-Weymouth Landing, Whately, Whately-East Whately , Whately-West Whately , Whitman, Whitman-Auburnville , Whitman-Northville , Wilbraham, Wilbraham-Butlerville , Wilbraham-East Wilbraham , Wilbraham-North Wilbraham , Williamsburg, Williamsburg-Haydenville, Williamsburg-Searsville , Williamstown, Williamstown-Goodell Hollow , Williamstown-Hemlock Brook , Williamstown-Northwest Hill , Williamstown-Sand Spring, Williamstown-South Williamstown , Williamstown-Sweets Corner , Williamstown-The Hopper , Williamstown-White Oaks , Wilmington, Wilmington-North Wilmington , Wilmington-Silver Lake , Wilmington-Wilmington Junction , Winchendon, Winchendon-Bullardville , Winchendon-Glenallan , Winchendon-Harrisville , Winchendon-Hydeville , Winchendon-New Boston , Winchendon-Waterville , Winchendon-Winchendon Center , Winchendon-Winchendon Springs , Winchester, Winchester-Symmes Corner , Winchester-Wedgemere , Winchester-Winchester Highlands , Windsor, Windsor-East Windsor , Windsor-Windsor Hill , Winthrop, Winthrop-Belle Isle , Winthrop-Cottage Hill , Winthrop-Cottage Park , Winthrop-Point Shirley , Winthrop-Winthrop Beach , Winthrop-Winthrop Highlands , Woburn, Woburn-Central Square , Woburn-Cummingsville , Woburn-North Woburn , Woburn-Shaker Glen , Woburn-Walnut Hill , Woburn-Woburn Highlands , Worcester, Worcester-Airport Hill, Worcester-Assumption College, Worcester-Beaver Brook, Worcester-Belmont Hill, Worcester-Bloomingdale , Worcester-Burncoat, Worcester-Chandler Hill, Worcester-Cherry Valley, Worcester-College Hill, Worcester-Columbus Park, Worcester-Downtown, Worcester-East Worcester, Worcester-Great Brook Valley, Worcester-Green Hill , Worcester-Green Island, Worcester-Greendale, Worcester-Indian Lake, Worcester-Jamesville , Worcester-Lakeview , Worcester-Lincoln Square, Worcester-New Worcester , Worcester-North Worcester, Worcester-Quinsigamond Valley, Worcester-Rice Square, Worcester-South Worcester, Worcester-Summit, Worcester-Sunderland, Worcester-Tatnuck, Worcester-Union Hill, Worcester-Webster Square, Worcester-West Side, Worcester-Westwood Hills, Worcester-WPI, Worthington, Worthington-Clark Hill , Worthington-Ringville , Worthington-South Worthington , Worthington-West Worthington , Worthington-Worthington Center , Worthington-Worthington Corners , Wrentham, Wrentham-Sheldonville , Wrentham-Wampum , Wrentham-West Wrentham , Yarmouth, Yarmouth-Bass River, Yarmouth-Point Gammon , Yarmouth-South Yarmouth, Yarmouth-West Yarmouth, Yarmouth-Yarmouth (village), Yarmouth-Yarmouth Port